Singapore Airlines first class menu - Sydney to Singapore

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Here's the menu (mains only) for my upcoming first class flight. Anyone else also feel there isn't much 'wow' factor to it?

Also has anyone had any of those dishes and can comment on them?

At least there's Book the Cook so I've got nine other options as well, and still looking forward to it :)


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Hi Addept,

you've really got to get in early and remember to book the cook as the inflight options are limited. There are even more BTC options for the return flight ex SIN

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There are a lot more options then this, did you ask to load more in the system? For my upcoming first class flight on the same leg, I went for the healthy option and selected the following:

BREAKFAST : Book The Cook - Toasted multigrain bread

LUNCH : Book The Cook - Wholesome vegetarian tagine of haloumi and chutney

Of course neither are listed on the menu you posted, but as mentioned, there are many more options, especially if you go through the indian, Asian, vegetarian, etc options.

The BTC menu really is quite huge for first.




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Hi Addept.

Thanks for posting the menus. I fly out of Melb and have often commented/thought that the meals in 1st were meh... and having done all the BTC options and now seen the Syd menus still think that the 1st class catering out of Aus is pretty average. Qantas regularly changes its menus by the seasons, SQ just rotates its lounge food and on board food every two months.


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