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  • QFF upcoming changes, any ideas?

    Jun 19, 2019, 04:57 PM

    There's almost 100 comments of just that on yesterday's article reckon lifetime platinum is in the mix but with a much higher threshold because they have too many lifetime silvers and golds.

  • 36,500 KF miles is enough for Perth to (nearly) anywhere in Asia with Singapore Airlines business class, such as Hong Kong or Taipei. It's excellent value.40,000 KF miles is enough for the above, but return in economy.Anyway you can use it that way for yourself or others? Your redemption nominees...

  • Hi Ausbt community, I'm trying to figure out how much taxes and carrier charges are for certain partner airline routes that you can book with qantas points. I'm just a little short to make a dummy booking.Sydney to Los Angeles business class return with American AirlinesSydney to Santiago busines...

  • Here's the menu (mains only) for my upcoming first class flight. Anyone else also feel there isn't much 'wow' factor to it?Also has anyone had any of those dishes and can comment on them?At least there's Book the Cook so I've got nine other options as well, and still looking forward to it :)

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