Dallas/Fort Worth Lounges - July 2019

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Hi Everyone,

  • Platinum with Qantas
  • Early July - travelling business with wife from Sydney to Toronto via Dallas
  • Qantas to Dallas, AA (with QF number) to Toronto
  • 6-hour layover in Dallas

Does anyone know what lounges are best at Dallas? I know AA is meant to add a Flagship lounge, but not sure when 'in 2019' it will debut.

Thank you in advance.




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The refurbed terminal A lounge is the best near gate 24. Amenities are good but food less so. The terminal D refurb isn’t ready yet as far as I can make out.


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Amex lounge is easily the best in DFW


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Thank you for your responses. Yes, the AMEX lounge looks great, but I don't have a plat level card sadly. Good to know about Term A -

I can't see to find anything about the new Flagship lounge other than it might be out in May?


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Last time the AA lounge at D was under renovation. Amex is OK alternative


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What is the AMEX alternative in DFW?

I am lifetime gold.

Last July the AA Flagship level seems better then the normal gold in terms of lounge access.

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