The best way to fly from Santiago from Australia?

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Is it me or are there only two options for ex Australia to Santiago (or South America for that matter) and that is QF ex Syd or LAN also ex SYD via AKL. Has anyone got any innovative ways to get there excluding via the US which I think is almost like going backwards.



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Going via DFW or LAX will take around 10 hours more.  The QF service to SCL is the quickest.


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QF or LA for me are the only ways I would fly. I used to fly a lot to Brazil and only took the LA services. LA stops in AKL but is daily, whilst QF have a direct service three times a week nowadays if I'm not mistaken.

You can fly AR however while they are cheap it isn't to the standard that we are used to.


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You can access Brazil one stop with EK... but the quickest way from Australia's east coast is the QF flight.


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Alternatively go with AC via YYZ (which is not US but Canada, although I think you meant North America when staing excluding US). Slightly further but a comfortable flight esp in C. and an alternative to OW flights.


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I would think that the most comfortable and reliable way will be the QF flights if the dates suits you. Otherwise, the  daily LAN flights will be fine as well. LAN is a very decent option if you speak Spanish as the English proficiency of the crew isn't that great.


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In theory you could fly Australia - AKL - PPT - SCL on Air New Zealand or Air Tahiti Nui between Auckland and Papeete and then LAN to Santiago.

However, you're better off flying on the QF direct service.


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I think that Qantas option would be the best one! 

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