Qantas flights to New Zealand: have some been reduced?

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Have Qantas cut some of the additional services they announced when EK ceased flying to Auckland - for Example QF124 seems not to be running. It seems as though other changes have been made as well with regards to Aircraft size (flights between Melb appear to be all B737 some days and not A330 as they annouced at the time).

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They are probably saving money... using/utilising the (former)/still Jetconnect planes, shorter turn around time, and also less crew (f/a's) on board, easier for them to clean, they can also use the sliding baggage conveyor belt and less person power (as the 330 needs the scissor lift), QF can also used the auto plane reverser or smaller tug at AKL, less charges at AKL re MTOW, etc, ergo less upkeep for doing the 2 flights in a day MEL - AKL over all.
The red eye that used to leave before midnight has now been tweaked to leave a bit before or after 6pm, so also saving them money, in the sense that there will be less lounge time being utilised, as people would go straight from work to the airport to get that pre/post 6pm flight MEL - AKL.
Edit: not forgetting too, that there is the JQ flights from Au - NZ, thus spreading the load of pax a bit.

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Qantas has for a long time played musical chairs with operating aircraft. I get it - what suits them doesn't always suit customers. For me it's a factor in choice of carrier for Tasman. Whatever their faults, at least with VA and NZ on those sectors you normally get the aircraft you were expecting - and if you don't with NZ it's normally a bigger plane not smaller. I leave out JQ because I usually travel business or at least PE/Works Deluxe.

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Have the loads been as high as first expected? If not, that explains the reduction in seats and aircraft size.

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