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I am booked to travel with Qantas on QF864 from Sydney to the Gold Coast. I have noticed that my baggage allowance is showing as 1x0KG. I have not seen this before and thought that all Qantas fares included baggage. Any advice on what to do?


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You are right - all fares include 23kg (potentially more depending on your status). This will be a system glitch. I wouldn’t stress and check in and bag drop will go smoothly :)


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I rang QF about it as I had booked a flight for my son who doesn’t have a FF number and when the booking reminder came through it said 1x 0 kg allowance, the call centre has been swamped with calls apparently about the same issue. The 0kg is for any additional allowance over the normal 1 piece at 23kg whether that be from status or purchase but the customer service person admitted it is very confusing and many are calling to enquire so I would imagine it will be rectified quickly.

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I wouldn't expect this system error to be rectified quickly, for it's been happening for a month or two. <groan>


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Rechecked my booking when this happened last month.printed it out and took with me just in case.There was no pr

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