Food on Emirates? Is it just me, or is the food worse than ever?

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After a return j class trip to Europe, I’ve come to the conclusion that the food on Emirates is it just me or has catering suffered the latest quality cut?


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I just had my first Emirates experience, in J class too, and was mightily underwhelmed too - until I had the chicken biryani which was great. Trip home was on QF and the food was much, much better. The EK offering was a little too “bland international” for my liking...

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I have never found the food on Emirates to be very good, mediocre at best.

That's both in F and J class. It's certainly quite acceptable but nowhere near as good as most other Airlines that fly similar routes. That's my experience anyway as others may quite like it.



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I must say I was also completely underwhelmed by the much touted first class lounge in Dubai. Very poor and slow table service and no concept of food presentation. The sushi bar was well hidden with no signage to make sure it would not be used. The qantas equivalents in Sydney and Melbourne and the EK joint lounge in Sydney all leave it for dead.


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Still more food served on EK than on QF, at any rate.


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I'm an old Emirates junky and always find their food edible, unlike some airline food.

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