Air New Zealand's Sky Couch concept - does it work?

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Hello fellow travellers, anyone got good insights into the sky couch concept of AirNZ? Specifically, as a solo traveller, does it work as basically a lay-flat bed? Secondly, is it better worth paying extra over and above what a Premium Economy seat gives in terms of space and comfort?


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That's an interesting idea! The photos make it look like a lie-flat bed, and I suppose if you have lounge access due to status and either aren't too fussy about economy meals or just don't eat them, then maybe it's a decent bed. I would just do my maths and look at how much it would cost to buy all three seats, or maybe you buy two seats, one at the window and one at the aisle, and hope that nobody buys the middle one! The premium economy seat would beat the economy seat in legroom as well as general space and comfort on a 'seat vs seat' basis but if you are comparing the whole Sky Couch row to premium economy I think the Sky Couch would win.


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Depends on how tall you are, the length of the skycouch is 5'3". I've flown it once, as a couple, and it was impossible to lie side by side (I suspect unless you are both tiny waifs). I'd suggest if you are more than 5'8" even folding your knees up wont be enough to avoid you feet drifting into the aisle to get hit. Personally, I'd always pick premium economy over Skycouch because I am 5'10", and the NZ premium economy pitch is 42" (noticeably more than QF). Skycouch fees are available when booking economy class fares on suitable aircraft on long haul routes with a single Skycouch usually priced at 2.5 times three economy fares.


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I have looked at Skycouch a few times a wondered about the photos NZ have on the website showing a couple side by side. They must be small people.

I recently booked NZ PE and was able to claim a front row seat without FF status, which was unexpected. If I could get front row on QF 787 PE at booking I would be more inclined to make that choice.

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I have done both skycouch and premium quite a few times, and both work good, of course you can't stretch your legs out completely with skycouch but find it excellent for me and 2 small kids as makes a massive difference compared to normal economy as you become proper pillows and a underlay!, (as l travel with children it's cheaper as l am not paying for the extra seats only the upgrade!),
But if l was traveling alone then the premium economy on air nz is the one!, good pitch, legroom, better meals and service and bigger TV screen!, it's hard going back to economy after that and remember that air nz has been voted best premium economy class for a few years running now!.
I am usually traveling from London to NZ on air nz so such long flights l know what its like!.
All in all both have benefits depending on what's traveling with you and l have seen adults traveling alone on skycouch before and have said it makes a big difference but if alone go premium!, it feels good when you are waiting to board that you are in premium!.
I hope i've helped

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