Using Qantas points to book QF codeshare Emirates business class

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Has anyone had trouble using Qantas FF points to book Qantas codeshare Emirates Business Class (for me, Perth to Europe). I get a message saying: Sorry, your trip from Perth to Dubai will be in economy. Since that is the long leg that I particularly would like to do in Business, this is a rather frustrating response. Am I missing something?


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That would indicate that there are no reward seats available on that sector.


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Happens all the time, it’s not often you can find awards on every flight you want.

Try changing dates, or departure airport (often more business class seats out of Adelaide). If you have fixed travel plans, then points can just be irritating. It’s particulalry hard to find seats on Australia-Dubai/Doha legs, though it can be done - I just got a return trip to Mauritius in August/September.

Date you are flying is a big impact too, if you’re flying in December you have next to no chance.

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To make your life easier, try searching Perth-Dubai (or Perth-Doha) separately. If there's no business class availability when searching for a single sector, it won't show up at all which eliminates any uncertainty.

Once you find a suitable option, use the multi-city tool to search for the second leg to Europe. If the stars align, you'll be able to book both legs through the multi-city tool as one single booking at the same cost as if you searched Perth-Europe direct.

Just make sure your second leg is departing within 24 hours of you arriving from Perth for that trick to work.

Also consider other options such as Cathay Pacific which might have better availability, if that suits your plans.
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I have been travelling to Manchester for around 10 years. Best way is to go via Singers or Honkers if using Classic Rewards. Gives you more choice for airline. On the way home the EK options are more accessible.


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On this topic I have been hunting for Christchurch to Sydney Business class reward seats on Emirates and they aren't coming up online thru to November 19. I am a bit surprised as I would have thought this sector would have relatively low load factors? Should I call the helpline?

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