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  • Hi ljcoz, while I can't offer any personal experiences with this (hopefully someone else can help on that front), we did publish an article last week about the general experience of flying Emirates right now.Read: What's it like to fly with Emirates during the coronavirus?

  • Originally Posted by Rod H Has anyone flown from Perth to Brisbane in the last week in Business Class on the B737?Just interested to know if the meal has been downgraded or is it much the same.Hope to find out myself as well on May 26th if all is OK with travel and VA itself. A relative of mine...

  • From the link hutch posted, it appears you'll be up for a 5,000 point cancellation fee for a confirmed flight upgrade.There may be a link to do this from your account – go to 'My Bookings' and then click 'Upgrade' under the particular flight.Make sure you cancel the upgrade before the flight.

  • Originally Posted by lkennedy Hi,I have spent the qualifying amount to receive the 100 status points. Has anyone experience with how long these take to come though? Normally on the next monthly sweep of Velocity points from Amex.

  • Bumped Up to Platinum Early

    Mar 06, 2020, 10:38 PM

    It's definitely been reported to happen before. I've personally been bumped early to VA Gold the first time I was qualifying for it.However, I'm not sure about the processes behind it, whether it's automated or not.

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