Refund of points used to upgrade with all this travel disruption?

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Hi everyone,

I'm just posting this here to hopefully avoid a lengthy phone call wait time to Qantas to find out my answer.

Next weekend, I was due to go to Perth for a cheeky wedding. There was due to be a lot of international guests coming and so understandably they've cancelled the wedding. The poor couple are distraught poor things.

The flight home was red eye PER BNE so I burned 27,000 points for a lil cheeky upgrade to hopefully get some needed shut eye after all of the champagne at the wedding ;) I may as well not go and take up the opportunity for a voucher for use later on. However, does one know if the upgrade points are also refundable? Some serious google-ing has not avail'd to any answer.

Hope everyone is well and safe! Love from a very isolated bit of far north QLD!



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16.1.9 Subject to clause 16.1, if the Member cancels a confirmed Classic Upgrade Reward within 24 hours of scheduled departure, or fails to board a flight for which a Classic Upgrade Reward has been confirmed (no-show), the Member will forfeit the Classic Upgrade Reward and any Qantas Points used to redeem the Classic Upgrade Reward, and a seat may no longer be available in the class of travel originally purchased or redeemed. If the Member cancels a confirmed Classic Upgrade Reward more than 24 hours before scheduled departure, the Classic Upgrade Reward may be refunded and will incur a Refund of Unused Classic Upgrade Reward Fee (see the Fee Schedule).

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From the link hutch posted, it appears you'll be up for a 5,000 point cancellation fee for a confirmed flight upgrade.

There may be a link to do this from your account – go to 'My Bookings' and then click 'Upgrade' under the particular flight.

Make sure you cancel the upgrade before the flight.


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What's a cheeky wedding? ;-/

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