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I am travelling Y class from Perth to London on QF 9. Am FF Platinum and hoping for an upgrade, but not holding my breath!

1) Was hoping for some advice on seat selection for anyone who has done the 17 hour haul in economy
-Recommend Window or Aisle? Is it really as cramped as some of the comments make it out to be?

2) The bulk-head seats on Row 40 (A to K) and Row 46 (D to F) are currently listed as 'Blocked' on ExpertFlyer. I had previously called Qantas about this and they said some of the seats are 'Bassinet' seats so they are reserved. Any advice on how to select a 'blocked seat' closer to checkin?
If no one with a bassinet needs these seats - how are they allocated? Do they just become empty and then hope to get lucky and select it before check in? Has anyone ever tried requesting these seats from Qantas say 24 hours before checkin closes?

Thanks in advance!


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We had to come back from the UK in a hurry a few weeks ago. Our travel agent managed to change us from an Emirates flight to the QF10 flight overnight. We were located straight into the bassinet seats (2E/F). I’d try Qantas at T-80hrs at a minimum.... It was a great flight (in J). I wish you luck in Y!


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Aisle for sure. And in the first economy cabin. I was on the QF9 two weeks ago and find it a lot quieter.

Chances of upgrade to Business or Premium Econ on this flight is fairly slim unless it's not peak season.

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