Dimming QF11 Boeing 787 electronic window shades

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I avoid the 787 because of those annoying dimming windows. I was on a Thai flight once and couldn't control the dimming function. Since it was night time it didn't matter, but the sun would be rising in a few hours and I didn't want my sleep disturbed. Asked the flight attendant to unlock the dimmer on my window. She came back to say that they couldn't unlock it for some reason, but would be sure to darken all the windows before the sun came up. Sure enough, they forgot, and a few hours later sunlight was streaming into the cabin. Give me "old fashioned" blinds any day.

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I was on that flight last week and the windows were significantly dimmed, though not all the way, and it was not possible for me to alter the extent of dimming. Luckily I had been in LA for a week already otherwise it would not have been good for body clock adjustment coming direct from Sydney.

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