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Hi guys, I've booked JQ business class to Singapore next month and want to know people's thoughts. I've read the AUSBT review but want some more feedback. What are the seats like? how are the meal and wine choices, and what are tge best seats? P.S, excited about the new QF lounge!


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Hi Nick, flew SIN-MEL-SIN last week, seats are old QF domestic J acceptable on JQ7 day flight less so for the JQ8 overnight service.  small towel/sparkling wine/juice offered before take off although now pre-meal drinks service offered just went straight to the meal service where x2 red/white wines offered. Food OK not fine dining, a snack basket does the rounds later in the flight (chips/nuts/pringles) and wine flows freely if you wish throughout the flight (JQ7). Seats, grab row 1 if you can but the leg room is still slightly restricted IMHO. enjoy.


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Hi Nick.  The term 'Business Class' is very generous from JQ.  The seats are fine for the day flight to SIN, but they are only marginally better than most Premium Economy seats and I don't think as good as QF J domestic. The food and wine is the same as up the back, it's just free and they serve it relatively liberally.  But it's Jetstar-licious (they are a budget carrier after all)  Take your noise cancelling earphones (you can buy good ones duty free) and an iPad full of movies too as you'll probably want your own entertainment as theirs is average.  If you want luxury, your going to be disappointed, but if you are after a little extra leg room and lots of money left over from a J fare on QF BA SQ or EK you should be happy.  You get what you pay for though.


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Hi Nick, The JQ Biz Class seats are similar to the QF Dom J Class seats. Service on JQ is very inconsistent. In my experience, it ranged from terrible to pretty good. The meal offerings are similar to Premium Economy offerings on QF. Have your meal in the QF 1st lounge if time permits, as it will be way better than the meal onboard JQ.


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I don't have perosnal experience, but I might suggest watching the many good, detailed review videos on YouTube. 


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I did JQ 'business class' MEL-BKK best part was status credits and points at business class levels and lounge access but you have to pay extra for these. 4 hour delay out of MEL and 3 hours out of BKK. Food  and IFE terrible, service erratic no staff over 23 years old. Seats just QF domestic J. 1 hour for luggage to come out at MEL... pretty much a disaster. Also did QF PE MEL-HKG much better seats, service, IFE and fabulous QF staff (no longer available from MEL) but I would go PE on QF anyday rather than JQ any class..Never again

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