Melbourne International - Boarding Pass Scanners prior to Passport Control

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Hi all, I had an issue on a Qantas flight to CBR-MEL-SIN in April where I was turned around by ABF.

The reason they gave me was my flight hadn’t opened.

I tried to tell the staff member that I was already checked in, flying from Canberra, I had my boarding pass and luggage checks, but all she did was look at my boarding pass and say to me “it hasn’t opened, see your airline” and went about her business.

I was travelling from Canberra where I had already completed international check-in and received my boarding pass for the flight to Singapore. I have done this many, many times, over more years than I care to remember and is an excellent way to leisurely enjoy the First Lounge but this is the first time I have ever been turned around. I went to the Qantas desk in MEL, explained my dilemma (which they thought was odd as in their view I shouldn’t have been turned around either), they rang someone in ABF, then walked with me back to the boarding pass scanners, the original lady I dealt with saw me approaching with a Qantas staff member, they exchanged nods, the gate was opened and I went through!

All very odd.

Has anyone else experienced something similar?


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ABF jobsworths in action, petty bureaucrats drunk on power.


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I had this issue in Auckland a while back flying Emirates. Checked in ,had boarding pass, went to go through customs and denied. Went back to desk, staff member came with me and after speaking with customs I went through.Was told customs had not been notified flight checkin had opened so their computer had not automatically changed status.


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Typical ABF behaviour tbh

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