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hi guy i need a bit of info about qantas frequent flyer program.

Im a small business owner and wishing to obtain and use an qantas business credit card to pump up my points.

with using the points to gain flights is it possible to earn status credits on redeemed frequent flyer points flights?

and just say i use $20k a month on expenses with the card and earn 240,000 points a year is that alot to fly around for free?

thanks guys


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You don't earn Status Credits on award flights unless you use the Any Seat Award which is usually alot more points... but it is debatable as to whether that really matters if you use your points to fly Business Class.

256,000 points gets you to London return in Business... So you're well on the way if you manage to earn 240,000 each year.


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thanks for the info and yes its alot im trying to mange my accounts with just a credit card payment on every expenese transaction might aswell get a rewards each purcahse.



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Here is pretty good bet mate:

$1.5 = 1 QFF point

Points from all cards in the facility can be credited to one ff account ie yours.

Unlimited points earning.


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Hey Michael, if you have too many points sitting in your account and you're interested in boosting your status credit to bring you up to Gold or Platinum, I have a suggestion for you.

Redeem Domestic Business Any Seat Award Tickets, particularly itineraries that require a stopover (* a stopover would usually earn you extra status credit). 

Sample ItinerarySydney to Perth (via Adelaide). A return trip costs about 106,000 points in May. This trip will give you 280 status credit and 13,000 points in return. So you are effectiely using about 90,000 points to get 280 status credit. A return busines SYD-PER trip (without ADL stopover) will only give you160 status credit.


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