• it didnt work for perth becasue there is already a flood of other competitors competing for the transit market to manila. i think i dont need to list them for you?

  • i dont know where you are getting your info from. the bne flight doesnt arrive at 03:55am its Tue, Sep 01 2015 10:40 Terminal: INTERNATIONAL T Arrives Tue, Sep 01 2015 14:30 

  • terminal one at Ninoy Aquino International Airport which Qantas uses is the most worst in the world the newer terminal 3 which Cathay uses is a giant leap forward i think qantas should consider to move terminals.

  • Garuda axes Brisbane-Denpasar flights

    Jan 13, 2015, 10:19 PM

    you are spot on!!! all the school leavers from 10,20,30 years ago still go there 

  • Virgin Australia' Christmas fare

    Dec 20, 2013, 06:46 PM

    what about Port Moresby to Brisbane? i am coming back to bne on christmas day hopefully a free meal would be nice.

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