Honeymoon to UK 2020 - Virgin & Singapore Airlines business class redemption

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Hi All,

Im in the process of booking a return trip for our honeymoon to the UK. We are planning to fly into LHR (London) early April 2020 and fly home from FRA (Frankfurt) end of April/Early May.

I currently have 148K Amplify points with St Geroge, 248K in KRIS Miles and 200K in VFF. If i were to book all these flights now i would still be short 13K KRIS points & 130K VFF to fly home. Im not too worried as i can make up this short fall quite easily with general spending by end of the year and 1x credit card sign up.

So far i have planned to fly SYD-SIN using VFF (130K VFF) then SIN-LHR (184K KRIS). Return trip would be the inverse for points of the previous, FRA-SIN then SIN-SYD.

Does the above sound like the most economical use of points?


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That does sound feasible but if it were me I'd simply convert my Amplify and Velocity points to KrisFlyer and do everything on a single booking: Sydney-London on KrisFlyer, and Frankfurt-Sydney on KrisFlyer. There are advantages to being on a single booking with the one airline for the whole trip, and the booking process will potentially be a lot less of a hassle. As you say, you're only a few points short of having enough points to do this, and a credit card sign-up bonus will get you well over the line. This will also mean that you won't need to convert all your Velocity points, and only convert what you need as a "top-up". Alternatively you could convert your Amplify points to Velocity and fly one way using KrisFlyer and the other way using Velocity.


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Hi buckcompton

Your syd-sin followed by sin-lhr is not an economical use of points at all. You are paying for two (2) sets of one-way tickets instead of using a one-through one way ticket with a stopover in Singapore.
If you were to redeem for two persons on one-way business class tickets, Sdy to London via Singapore on KF, you only need 116,00KF points each person or 232,000KF points for both. You can see the savings here immediately compared to 184000KF for Singapore - London only.
If you want to spend some time in Singapore, for only US$100, you can stop in Singapore as long as you want; but this redemption with a paid stopover in Singapore can be only done via telephone call to a KF contact centre.
If you do above, you still have 16,000KF, 148K Amplify points and 130,000VA points.
You can choose to convert the latter two into KFpoints to get 74,000KF from Amplify and 83,870KF from VA, making a total of 173,870KF.
Depending on when you want to return from honeymoon, and therefore when best to do the redemption, you may have already through general spending get enough KF points to make another set of 232,000 for redeeming two business class from Europe to Sydney; all to be done on Krisflyer platform.
The option is to convert all to VA points i.e. 10,322 (from you batch of 16k KF), 74,000 from Amplify and retains 130,000VA, making a total of 214,322VA.
You need 325,000VA to redeem two business class tickets from Europe to Sydney.
Redemption through Virgin Velocity program on SQ metal is quite difficult as redemption opportunities open up on Velocity program five weeks later than the same return date on Krisflyer program (i.e. SQ website).
On Velocity website, redemption flights from Europe back to Sydney on SQ flight requires 325,000 VA and around $185 in taxes etc, if you can find an the awards; but redemption on Etihad routes are more easily available because it is much more costly at same points (325,000) but $809 a person.
PS - i am talking about redemption on business class either direction for two persons.


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Thanks for the feedback Soon.

Great point, i initially looked at your method this but there was little availability. As it happens as i looked yesterday there was a flight available, with 2013 & 2017 cabins. Booked immediately.

There's also plenty of availability for the FRA-SIN-SYD route too, but just need to wait for my 40/50K bonus points from Virgin to come through in the next few statement months.

Thanks for the 're-fresh' as i'd completely forgot to re-check the full route with Singapore as in the back of my mind i had written it off.

Now if only Singapore had an on board bar like Emirates/Virgin Atlantic.


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Sounds very complicated process

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