Rex to offer status match against Qantas, Virgin Australia

Here’s how Rex will seek to woo and win the frequent flyers of its rivals.

By David Flynn, May 13 2024
Rex to offer status match against Qantas, Virgin Australia
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Regional Express has millions of Qantas and Virgin Australia frequent flyers in its sights, and is drawing up plans for a ‘status match’ membership drive for its Rex Flyer loyalty program.

A spokesperson for Rex confirmed to Executive Traveller that the status match is slated to take off towards the end of 2024 and will tempt Silver, Gold and Platinum card holders in the Qantas and Velocity programs with a fast-track to the equivalent Rex Flyer tier.

It’s expected Rex will unleash the usual combination of an instant or single-flight status match to be granted the equivalent Rex Flyer tier equivalent to an elite Qantas or Velocity ranking, in concert with a 'status challenge’ where there’ll be a heavily reduced threshold or ‘fast track’ to retaining that Rex Flyer tier for 12 months.

Rex Flyer has three ‘elite’ gemstone-themed tiers above the entry-level Opal rung – these being Rex Flyer Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond – however the status match is likely to line up as follows:

  • Qantas Silver and Velocity Silver = Rex Flyer Emerald
  • Qantas Gold and Velocity Gold = Rex Flyer Diamond

As Rex Flyer has no Platinum-equivalent tier, Qantas and Velocity Platinums would also likely slide into the Rex Flyer Diamond club.

As explained in our in-depth guide to Rex Flyer, both Rex Flyer Emerald and Rex Flyer Diamond include the following practical perks such as

  • complimentary front seats and extra legroom seats
  • complimentary ‘Get Me Home’ access to earlier flights
  • complimentary business class upgrades
  • additional checked baggage

However, Rex Flyer Diamond adds extra shine with lounge access, additional carry-on baggage and no service fees when using the Rex call centre to make or change a flight reward booking or request a points upgrade. 

Rex promises that not only will Rex Flyer status be faster to earn on intercity 737 routes compared to Qantas and Jetstar, but there’ll be more chances to use those points to book a flight under the airline’s Last Minute Flight Rewards initiative.

This sees all unsold seats put onto the market at the lowest redemption rates in the days leading up to the flight.

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22 Aug 2015

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What lounges do they have ?

A few pretty basic ones, such as at MEL T4.

25 May 2023

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A very enticing initiative. I have Virgin plat and will status match asap. Only downside w Rex is no lounges in Brisbane, my home city. Oh, and a few more major city flights would be great.

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