• Agreed. Sofitel Melbourne and Horizon Club at Shangri-La Sydney are still offering a decent service, but elsewhere in Australia it's been slim pickings.Interestingly I was at IC Adelaide a couple of months ago and wasn't aware the lounge was open. Hilton Adelaide's wasn't at the time.

  • Can't agree with that; QF's F isn't up to EK standard, but it's still a solid product. It's moot though, since QF have no planes in service with F now, until at least 2023.

  • Couldn’t agree more. Inbound quarantine is fair enough for now (although home quarantine needs to be reinstated, to take the pressure off inbound arrivals and remove the caps), but outbound should be completely unrestricted (and never should have been limited to start with).

  • Even including Vic, we're having single figure cases per day now.

  • Agree. Or they could just let the heaps of existing inbound flights carry more than 50 pax. Doesn't even need QF to restart.

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  • Use of the "word" "Irregardless" means all credibility is gone!

  • Status Strategies

    Jul 29, 2019, 08:33 PM

    "I have also got a few thousand points in SQ KF, their FF points last 3 years, where as QFF is 18 months of no activity before points loss."Very important thing to be aware of, and could sway any decision, is that SQ have a hard expiry of three years - if you don't use them, they're gone. QF poin...

  • Cash vs Travel Money Cards

    Apr 10, 2019, 04:31 PM

    I generally use ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures and Coles Rewards Platinum credit cards. They've got annual fees, the ANZ fee being waived as part of my mortgage, so that needs considering.Both offer rewards points (0.75 and 0.87 Velocity/$1 equivalent), no forex fees and the ANZ card has no cash a...

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