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Hi, Does qantas stil give out a status match? Just recieved my velocity platinum card last week and was wondering if they would match my status if requested?

I don't fly qantas that often but i do have a trip to Dubai & Hongkong coming up in the next 2-3months. Any suggestions?


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I doubt it... They only offer things like a Status Match once in a while (and I haven't seen one from Qantas in a long time) so it is unlikely they would consider it.


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Word around the campfire is that QF doesn't see value in a straight status match due to VA having family pooling.   For example two adults and two children doing MEL-BNE four times a year to visit relatives, plus a couple of extra flights for Mum or Dad can make one person hit Velocity gold - and from QF's eye that person isn't a FF.

Then again, never say never. 


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Hi - It maybe worth asking the question through your coporate travel contact at Qantas if you have one.


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Hi there, I heard of it happening before. However, it was not from VA. He was a SQ PPS Club member and they matched him to QF Gold if I was not mistaken.


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There's no harm in asking ;)

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