Oneworld SC to QFF out of OSL, ARN, BRU?

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I was hoping someone could help me understand the rules around earning QFF SC on OneWorld flights out of some European cities as they don't match the usual rules.I'm now resident in London but try to maintain my QFF P status. Flights in business out of OSL/ARN/BRU are often much cheaper than flying from London (even after flights from London to those cities!!) but earn significantly less SC. E.g. QR business from OSL/ARN to DOH earn 30 SC instead of 60 from London/BRU; CX from BRU to HKG seems to earn zero!

I'm assuming there are rules related to the QF/EK deal between London and ANZ via Middle East that makes QR points/SC lesser; but I'm confused why OSL/ARN/BRU in particular seem to get such harsh treatment? Any direction where to read up on these rules would be helpful. The earnings tables on Qantas website aren't much help as the distance/fare type matrix implies a higher SC earn that the calculator gives.



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Not all airline partnerships earn the same amount of points. Refer to this page:

In particular the 3rd and 4th sections. 3rd section will let you know what earn category your flight is depending on booking class. 4th section gives you the airline earning tables. Easiest is to use the Qantas earns calculator:

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