Different names on credit card and QFF account.

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My partner would like to sign up to a credit card with qantas points but does not have a qff account. She would like to just credit them to my qff account. The bank has said it has to be the same name on both or it could cause issues, yet I rang qantas and they said it didn’t really matter (although the operator didn’t seem to be very knowledgeable).

Can anyone confirm that if she has her name on the credit card yet credits the points to my qff account that it may cause issues?


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She can also consider opening a QFF account and then transfering points to you under Family Tranfer rules.

That may be easier.


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Not sure about credit cards but for flights, if the surname and initial of the passenger didn’t match the QFF account then the points would fail to post, so as dimi suggested, might as well open an account (lots of free signup links out there) and then do family transfers.


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I can say from some knowledge, where I worked on a credit card that had a QF rewards component (i'm being deliberately vague), the file that gets sent to QF with the points in it, has the QFF Number, Surname, and initial in it for verification.

If they don't match up, they get rejected.


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You can family transfer up to 600k points a year. Minimum transfer is 5k points per transfer. Should be more than enough.

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