Sydney to NYC with the family

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We are heading to New York at the end of August with our 5 yrs old. I’m velocity gold and am debating whether to book a ticket on a VA or Delta booking, and whether to look for VA or Delta metal from Sydney to LAX.

I’m ok with sectors for this year, and will retain gold too, so will book what ever fair is cheaper. But I’m not sure whether VA is a better option for the Sydney – LAX leg. It offers more leg space, and we can all get into “the House” at Sydney. But in recent trips I realised that Delta’s soft product has improved significantly, the food is better, and the entertainment is far supervisor to VA. I have no experience of how they any of the airlines treat younger passengers.

Also – am I right to assume that Delta won’t let the three of us into their lounge at LAX?



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I do this trip twice a year, sometimes out of BNE sometimes out of SYD.

First up, depends on what class you're flying.

If it's business or PE, then VA is hands down the better of the two for the SYD - LAX leg.

If it's economy, then they are pretty similar. They both use 9 abreast 777s, but I prefer the VA seat for comfort and recline. Food on both is pretty average and varied between the two. IFE is way better on DL. VA just doesn't offer enough choice, especially for new releases. DL is fantastic.

As for service, I'd go for VA all the time. Every flight with them, bar one, has been good. Casual but friendly and professional. DL is similar but in a different way. They'll both be good with kids. But, on VA, again if you're in economy, I'd recommend purchasing the economy X first row (bulkhead). It's right near the toilet (helpful with a 5 yr old), and lots of leg room for all the crap you'll be taking. Also consider purchasing one of those blow up cushions that turn the kids seat into a bed (sort of). We used plane pal for our 6 year old and it was great. VA allows you to use it on the window seats only though.

One thing to consider is the connection in LAX. The DL metal (generally) lands at the DL terminals (2 and 3) , and that makes transfers easier. VA lands at Tom Bradley (TBT) and you'll have to clear customs etc and transfer to terminals 2 or 3. But, you drop your bags off before you exit TBT and then then get on a shuttle or walk the 5 to 10 minutes.

Saying all this, in the US, DL is only one of the big three I'll fly.
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