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I think I know the answer here but I can't find it on the Singapore website anywhere.

If I fly Melbourne to Cape Town, Melb-Perth-Johannesburg-Cape Town, with the first flight a VA codeshare with an SAA number (so like, all the flights are SA flight numbers, but the first flight is on VA metal), will i accrue Krisflyer miles and elite miles? or just miles? or none (for that first flight, the other two seems pretty obvious). I'm assuming no, but the website doesn't seem to say so - and the Fare class is the same across all flights (W, which says 100% on the Krisflyer partner accrual site).

But i've done this sort of thing before where i got nothing - flying a SWISS flight number on TAP Portugal metal and got zilch. any help appreciated.



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Singapore airlines has (1) a partnership with Virgin Australia and (2) a separate partnership with Star Alliance airlines.

Krisflyer miles and status can be earned either on Virgin/Singapore marketed+operated flights under (1) =or= on Star Alliance marketed+operated flights under (2).

Mix between (1) and (2), e.g. travel on non-SG Star alliance marketed Virgin operated flights or vice versa, will earn nothing.

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