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I see that there hasn't been a post regarding news on the Cairns Reef Lounge closure - so I would like to do so and also ask if anyone has insight regarding potential lounge openings at Cairns International.

Note that the Reef Lounge is managed by Cathay Pacific - and they will be ceasing flights out of Cairns in October 2019. However when I contacted Priority Pass to ask whether Priority Pass (PP) members have access to the Reef Lounge until the last operating flight of Cathay Pacific, PP mentioned that no access will be granted to PP after August 2019 (as on their website).

See truncated email here:


Dear (name),

Thank you for your email about lounge access for Priority Pass members at Cairns International Airport.

Following a mutual review, Priority Pass and Reef, will temporarily suspend our lounge partnership till further notice.


Does any one know of potential new international lounges in Cairns International?


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No unfortunately. In fact the lounge issue has never been addressed in any long term plan presented by CNS airport either, the Reef lounge was never up to a reasonable standard that most travellers would expect these days. There is a hope that with the change of Silkair to Singapore Airlines that they may take over the running of the lounge, but at one flight a day it seems a stretch. The most likely scenario is the lounge will close and CNS airport will focus on LCC, which is a shame.


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That is not good news! Although I only used it occasionally it was one of the few places that I used my Priority Pass.

Whilst not the best lounge out there the staff were friendly and it was always a good place to get a coffee and a toast and Vegemite at 5am when cathcing the first flight up to Port Moresby!

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