Star Alliance Or Skyteam For VA?

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Star Alliance Or Skyteam For VA?

Hi I know this discussion has prob come up a few times already but I would like to get people's opinion on which alliance (if and or when) would VA most likely join?

Read a few blogs and a lot of people suggest that they may join > Skyteam since Delta is a founding member however now that Singapore air has 20% stake & with Air New Zealand 10% both at > Star Alliance i assume they would sway more towards Star just because I doubt Singapore would let them join Skyteam with their stake in the comp…

Any thoughts?


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I actually doubt that they would join an alliance at the moment. It appears like that more and more often as airlines sure up gaps in their offerings via one-on-one strategic agreements. I'm sure other people will have a more informed opinion of this. 

Also management have a lot more pressing tasks in their turn around strategy that would take precendence over joining an alliance group. It really depends on their strategy and only they know if and/or when that will happen.


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Benjo, I really wonder if it's six of one and a half-dozen of the other at the moment... as you mention, a case could be made for each of the non-oneworld alliances, and John Borghetti has in the past indicated it's more about which is the better fit for Virgin (citing SkyTeam at that stage).

Right now, though, I think this is far from the top of John Borghetti's to-do list – as StuParr suggests, Virgin has many other higher-priority tasks demanding its attention.


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At the moment Virgin gets preference from both groups for domestic Australia and has key deals with NZ (star), Delta (skyteam), Singapore (star), Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic and Etihad (all unaligned), as well as substantial ownership by Branson, Singapore, NZ and Etihad....

Thus can'tsee things changing anytime soon


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I agree with moa999, right now Virign has a pretty good set of partnerships without being shackled to a single alliance.

And it's too hard to predict which alliance Virgin would join because there are arguments for both, and even if VA came out tomorrow and said "We're joining SkyTeam" there would be people complaining that they should have joined Star and listing all the reasons Star would make more sense.

At the end of the day the only people who know which alliance VA should join would be the executives at the top of VA, so I do think speculation is a bit 'pointless'.

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