Checking baggage: CX or QR better

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Trying to work out if either QR or CX are better re getting checked luggage checked through on other airlines. Will either connect CX to KLM or QR to SAS and not sure if I have a better chance with either airline checking through my luggage. Have a tight connection and lots of luggage, so any experiences re either QR or CX better for checking through luggage? Have QF status if that helps.


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I think your in the lap of the gods with this one....


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Assuming both options are ticketed as one booking rather than as individual tickets then to be honest both are as good as each other. Reality is your QF status will make no difference. If it really is of huge concern to you then chose the option with the longer transit time but at both HKG and DOH (assuming they are the transit options given your airline options) I've made connections with well under an hour between flights and it's not been a problem. As a statement of the obvious make sure you've packed a days worth of spare clothes in your carry on if you're really worried. But it's not in the airlines interest to have your bags miss the connection as it's their responsibility to get them to you anyway. Clearly it's a very different scenario in the event that you're on separate bookings.

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