Have Qantas reduced their FF Contact Centre operating hours?

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Sunday afternoon, just called Qantas 13 11 31 with a non-urgent query. I seem to think the recorded message has changed, ie there was only an option to talk to an operator for "imminent" flight queries. Else prompted to callback 7am - 7pm Mon-Sat AET. Don't recall hearing this previously, nor thinking that the QFF Call Centre was closed on Sundays? Or even after 7pm? Can anyone else recall please?


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Found the same thing a few weeks ago. Wasn't imminent and stayed online and got sorted in reasonable time


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Can't comment on call centre hours but I have noticed Qantas "seems" to be moving to more progressive technologies that allow better management of demand and also filters more non-routine calls via AI/Chatbot style solutions.

I've used their call back service extensively as it suits me. I've also used the in-app chat function successfully as well to secure a seat assignment after an upgrade. The in-app chat function seems to start out as an AI driven chat bot, which is fine.

If they are moving this way then good on them. Ultimately they've got to ensure they can deliver the best service outcome, the right way, at an optimal cost.


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Qantas FF call center service (namely wait times) is a nightmare. Clearly massively understaffed - last time I rang (a few months ago) was on hold for 1hr 7mins - was flying 1st class international too - you'd have thought that may have helped them serve up some faster service (or perhaps those flying economy had to wait 3 hrs at that point?). The online chat used to be quick - last time I attempted to get something resolved (about 2 months ago) - was put in an 'online queue' and waited 45 minutes for a chat operator to respond. Both times during regular business hours/days too. Neither contact resolved matter being asked about either. I suspect even Centrelink has more efficient customer service.

IMO - last month booked Cathay Pacific for our upcoming trip (instead of Qantas). I had to ring them about a change, operator answered in <2 minutes. Promptly politely and efficiently dealt with matter - called back not long after to double confirm everything done (as promised) and everything resolved to 100% perfection. Now that's what I consider to be "progressive" customer service.

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