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Hi everyone, and Happy New Year!

I have a friend who has some (legitimate!!) money in an overseas bank account and there are some difficukties in tranferring it out. They are looking to travel soon, so I'm wondering if there are any issues in making airlines bookings through a travel agent in a different country? Are there issues around fares or prices or anything that could lead to complications?

Slightly odd question I know but if I'm going to find anyone who might know I'm sure it will be on here!




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There shouldn't be a problem. I have two trips to the US over the past few years ticketed by my sponsor using their own US travel agency. Just double check they are reputable with some research and they have access to whatever airline you choose's booking system.


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There is nothing wrong with using travel providers / agents from countries overseas at all. We do it all the time, as you can often get much more competitive fares in comparison to Australia if you are ticketing out of those countries in their local currency. Particularly so in the USA / UK.

Exactly Patrickk says just make sure they're a mainstream / reputable agent if you're not using a corporate travel provider.

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Thank you patrickk and chrisb, appreciate the comments.

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