Release of business class frequent flyer seats

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We are trying to book a return business class seat out of Sydney to London with a lot of flexibility on dates around mid September. Currently no availability but, after a lengthy phone wait, we are told that seats are not yet released. Nobody in Qantas seems to be able to advise when these seats will be released. Does anyone out there hav any intel???

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If it's September this year (2020), the flights went on sale months ago, which means there's no availability. If it's September 2021, you'd have to wait until September/October 2020 (depending on dates) before flights are loaded in.


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Additional partner seats are not released as early as the main carrier. So BA or other one world carriers may choose to release award seats to QF only 6 months in advance, as they keep or use their reward seats for their own frequent fliers prior to releasing to others. This is very true of Star aliance too.


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Staging via Asia is probably the best bet as this stage, and is one of the options the points gurus usually suggest. How does this work?

Look at availability for the long sector to Europe from various Asian ports (SIN, HKG, TYO etc). This often provides far better availability and is a good use of points.

If you can find those seats on points in J, jump on them. Then you would pay for staging flights from AU to the asian departure point.

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