Qantas classic upgrade reward after online check-in

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Just wondering if Qantas would still consider classic upgrade rewards even if the pax is already checked in through OLCI. Friend is travelling PEK-HKG-SYD, with PEK-HKG on CX and HKG-SYD on QF. Since CX opens OLCI 48 hours in advance, and they would be checked in all the way to SYD, would QF still consider the upgrade request since they're 24-hours prior to departure (pax has no status) but at that time they would already have checked in.



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It should be possible as I have received a number of 'at gate' upgrades. They will need to register of the upgrade in advance of checking in, and have enough points. As they have no status they are at the back of the queue, but if there are spare seats and no one is in front of them (in the virtual queue) then it should work.

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