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I have the AMEX Velocity card that includes a free flight per year. It's coming up top renewal time and I haven't used that flight yet as I had planned on using it for upcoming school holidays. I won't be travelling now, so wondering if anyone has seen anything from AMEX about this?

It's the only reason I have this particular card, so if they don't provide some sort of option then I'll just cancel it and not renew.

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It's my understanding that the free return flight can be booked for a future travel date, including one that would depart after the card's yearly renewal date.

(For instance, a card may 'renew' in April 2020, but the existing free return flight could be redeemed in March 2020 for travel in December 2020.)


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Chris is correct, you just have to make the booking before your card renews. And check the flight anniversary date as it may be different to your card anniversary date. I learnt that the hard way last year!


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I had a similar question - if I have used my Amex flight credit (the Qantas ultimate card) to book a flight but now I don't want to travel what will my refund options be there? Will I lose the $450 from AMEX but be able to get the rest back?

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