Las Vegas Airport PPE Vending Machine

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Per Forbes (Suzanne Rowan Kelleher on 18 May 2020) & Las Vegas Review-Journal (by Mick Akers on 14 May 2020):

Las Vegas McCarran Airport Launches Personal Protective Equipment Vending Machines Now Available at Terminal 1 and 3.

With the 24-hour nature of the vending machines, they're a convenient option for those traveling amid the mass closures at McCarran, said Christine Crews (airport spokeswoman)... It's not unthinkable that someone will show up at the airport and has left behind one of these items that's almost essential now to air travel.”

“A vending machine is always open,” said Crews “If you look at the fact that we have reduced flight schedules here and we have a lot of people who may be delayed, or canceled based on availability, that the vending machine option is always there and always open to them.”

The vending machine includes hand sanitizer, face masks, wipes, tissues and gloves.

The price are a followed:

Hand sanitizer varies from USD $4.25 to USD $6.50 plus tax;

Pack of three disposable face masks costs USD $7.50 plus tax;

A disposable N95 mask sells for USD $8.50 plus tax;

Reusable cloth mask retails for USD $14.50 plus tax;

10-pack alcohol wipes for USD $5.25 plus tax;

Tissues for USD $3.50 plus tax;

4 pack disposable gloves for $4.50 plus tax.

McCarran Airport said that prices are subject to change depending on supply and demand.

Las Vegas McCarran Airport is the 10th busiest airport in the United States in 2019.

Poll: Do you think that we will see more PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment) vending machines popping up in airports across the globe?


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