A confirmed booking with Etihad booked with Velocity points

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An interesting scenario. I have booked a one way ticket via Velocity on Etihad going Frankfurt to Melbourne on 31.7.20 for my daughter. She was getting to Europe with China Southern. Both airlines have not made any contact with her on what to do with her upcoming flights. China Southern doesn't respond at all and Etihad told me that seeing the ticket is booked via Velocity, we need to contact Virgin......does Etihad mean Deloittes? I outlined my views with Etihad, that we have a fully paid for valid ticket and cannot travel on the scheduled date. We can't talk to Virgin and what we want is a credit for a set period allowing us to re-book the same flight when international travel has resumed and is permitted.

I am getting the horrible feeling Etihad is using the Virgin situation to their advantage by telling us we have to speak to Virgin.

Any views and tips on the above would be much appreciated.


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Hi - Etihad is actually giving you correct information - any airline will tell you to go back to the airline of the points you used to book. The ticket is owned by virgin and in their system with a VA PNR and ticket number o Etihad can't actually access it and make changes or for that matter issue a credit. Are you not able to get through velocity at all?

Also as it is a rewards booking you will have to cancel the booking and be refunded the points - you will then need to re book on a flight which has reward availability showing. If there isn't space then you will not be able to book unfortunately.

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Dan22 is right - plus, airlines don't normally get 'paid' for points tickets from partner frequent flyer programs until the itinerary is flown, so it's not for Etihad to give you a credit for future travel as it's up to the frequent flyer program (Velocity in this case) to revise the arrangements.


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Hi Crane 62

My guess is that the information you received is not quite correct - You need to be talking to Velocity NOT Virgin Australia.

Virgin is in Administration BUT Velocity is a separate company and is not in Administration - ContactVelocity and they will certainly clarify - I am dealing with Velocity around my Etihad bookings - The real issue is that Etihad have not restarted a full schedule of international flights ...


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Thanks so much....I will give the suggested path a go. No wonder I am still awaiting a return call from Etihad. Also, thanks Chris, I wasn't aware that the airlines only get paid/exchange points when the flight was taken. Always learning.

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Ivery had similar situation but it was with DL ticket issued by velocity. Unfortunately even though Velocity is not in administration, they will not refund any points until further instructions from administrators. Even though the ticket was paid by Velocity, it was a ticket issued by VA. If VA goes bust, the ticket becomes invalid, and velocity also become a creditor to VA.

So ultimately it will depend on the new owner of VA whether they'll honor it or not.

I'm not holding my breath....


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I am in a bit similar situation. I have return flights booked with Etihad via Velocity points for mid September.
With the today's news that travel ban likely goes until end of 2020 that seems more and more unlikely that those flights actually can be used.

Are there other knowledgeable people who can confirm what Michael above has stated?
Velocity actually has a special form for award flights cancellations, specifically for the Covid situation, for travel until 30th September. Available here: https://experience.velocityfrequentflyer.com/member-support/velocity-update/cancel-booking

This one says "You will receive your refund within 21 business days".
And further down "... and your Velocity Points will be returned to your Velocity account" and "If ... Points + Pay booking, the “pay” portion ... will be refunded to the original form of payment".

Not specifically mentioning the fees/co-payment for an awards booking (the Etihad reward seat fee etc.). Does that count under "Points + Pay" or should we expect that they withhold that or convert into a travel bank credit as well?

Would it maybe be better to wait until the new owners have been announced to cancel the flights, or could that be worse?

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