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Hi from Cairns everyone,

Back in Easter I was due to go to Europe & well, the world self imploded and alas I never went. Decided I might try and just get a refund on the 8.5k.

Spoke with Qantas premium and was offered a "travel pass," with the incentive of either an additional 10% of the value going onto a travel pass (or) double status credits on any travel used by it (or) double FF points.

Not sure what to do... 8.5k is a lot of money that becomes instantly non-refundable. Has anyone used these to any success?


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If you paid money for these flights by Australian consumer law you are entitled to a full refund. Be aware it might take 10 to 12 weeks at least before you see your refunds back in your bank account. The Qantas representative will tell you how long it will take to process and refund your money into your bank account. I did mine several months ago and it took 6 weeks for my refund to appear in credit on my credit card account.

I originally took travel credit as this was the only option Qantas offered but two months after that I called Qantas and asked for a refund and that is what I got.

Please note. You will only be entitled to a refund if your flights were cancelled by Qantas and or the Australian international borders were closed to overseas travel departures. If your flights were operating as normal by Qantas and there where no restrictions allowing you to leave Australia in April. You may have an issue. But seeing Qantas have offered and alternative to a refund, I see no reason why you should not be able to get one.

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I have no financial training nor inside knowledge, but here's my 2 cents :

I expect that if your flight is cancelled you are entitled to get a refund even if you were offered or given the travel credit without asking for it. If you agree to take the travel credits and then changes your mind, well you can't ask for cash refund. If you are given the creditwithout you asking for it or agreeing to it then you are entitled to ask for cash refund even if it's 6 months down the track as long as you never agree to take the credit when it was issued

Whether or not you take the cash or the credits with bonus add-ons depends on what you need for money now. And what plans you have for 2021.

If you have no immediate need to use the cash and would almost certainly spend say 50% of the value by domestic flights alone and would throw in a couple of short international return flight as well by the end of 2021 then 8.5k may be a very economical way to maintain your gold tier with the double status offer if that's your thing

If not chasing tier, a 10% loading is better than interests earned money sitting in the bank while it's almost given that flights are going to be more expensive for the next couple of years with the changes in competition.

But if you have something great you can invest in, or 8.5k would make or break a lifestyle for the next 12 months, then take the cash refund and run (keeping in mind you wouldn't be seeing the cash until 2021 in the first place).

Although the offer of travel credit is valid until end of 2022, i would think you should aim to use that value of money for flights or accommodation (apparently they are looking into extending application to booking Qantas affiliated hotel) by end 2021 since who knows what will happen in 2022.

Although if you are still determined to go to EU/UK ASAP possibly in 2021 then get the cash out of QF to book via Qatar or Emirates as they have demonstrated they are still willing to fly under almost any conditions

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