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Hi all! I have a few active Velocity award bookings - all SQ - where Singapore Air just cancelled the original flight without giving any substitutes.

Every time I call VA and ask them to re-accommodate, they tell me that the new flight can only be within next 5 or 6 weeks. (With travel ban in place I'd obviously want to try to push the replacement flight as far in the future as possible - which would be ok normally)

Did anymore else encounter this? Is the way to around this?

The "official" version is that SQ blocks anything beyond five weeks for them, but yet somehow operators can check availability almost 11 months in advance


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Keen to hear any update on this? I have return to UK that I already moved from last May but its now booked for March and doesn't seem to be any hope of travelling then. Booked one leg on Velocity site, the other transferred points and direct in SingAir site. Not sure what to expect..

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