Where to now for Star Alliance lifetime runs?

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Now that Asiana will be gone before long (https://www.executivetraveller.com/news/asiana-airlines-brand-to-disappear-after-korean-air-take-over), options for lifetime Star Alliance Gold status are running out too.

From what I remember, Asiana Club is the only *A FF program which credits flights from *A partners towards lifetime status. Other *A members with lifetime membership (e.g. CA, NH, LH, UA) only allow you to work towards lifetime status by flying their airline only (i.e. *A partner-operated flights don't count), only practical if you live in said countries. Plus, if we were to switch to SkyTeam with Korean Air, they appear to be killing off their lifetime status too (https://www.executivetraveller.com/news/korean-air-skypass-frequent-flyer-changes), Bad news for us in APAC.

Are there any other *A FF programs where lifetime status can be accrued from flying partners? Will you switch to any other *A FF program?


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There is still: SAS's Euro Bonus for Star Alliance, Lifetime Gold (Star Alliance Gold) is available after 10 consecutive years of membership at Gold or higher level (Gold has a 45,000 base points requirement per year).

For Sky Team you have both Air France/KLM’s Flying Blue who offer Lifetime Platinum (SkyTeam Elite+) after 10 consecutive years of membership at the Platinum level (300 XP per year).

Alternatively, there is Alitalia (also SkyTeam): Lifetime Freccia Alata Plus Per Sempre (SkyTeam Elite+) after 10 consecutive years of membership at the Freccia Alata Plus level (80,000 Qualifying Miles Per Year).

All three airlines you can earn base points/XP/qualifying miles on all their respective alliance airlines.

Just remember that benefits/earn requirements could change without notice and airlines can leave alliances.

Plus if the airline/frequent flyer program goes bust/changes/dissolve/disappear at which time your "lifetime" status might end too.

And like you said other airlines do have lifetime status if you are loyal to them and not their alliance.

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