Qantas Money / QFF Membership Card renewal drama

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Just a heads-up.

If you don't have time to read my over long mini rant below (apologies) then the takeaway is to keep tabs on the expiry dates on your cards.

My QFF /Qantas Money MasterCard was cancelled in error and it caused some minor drama for me, but could potentially create havoc for others.

Qantas stopped issuing QFF physical membership cards at the end of March last year. Mine was part of the last batch to be sent one I presume. For those that don't have a Qantas Money Card, flip the QFF Membership card over, and it acts as my Qantas Money MasterCard with card details etc. They have different expiry dates (March for one and July for the other).

After being embarrassed by having my card declined on Monday, it took a few calls to find out what had happened. Normally (as we all know) a replacement card gets sent out BEFORE the expiry date so that there is a smooth transition. But as Qantas had stopped sending the physical cards, and my digital version rolled over to indicate my new QFF expiry date of Mar 2022, I wasn't unduly worried. The debit/credit side wasn't due to expire until July.

But, apparently two identical physical QFF/Money cards were accidentally printed for issue to me (and others?). The error was noticed before being sent so they were cancelled and a new one (the third) issued... on March 31st.

By cancelling the 'error' cards, they also automatically cancelled my current one without informing me. It seems that no-one at the other end thought to 'un-cancel' my current card until the new one reached me, or perhaps the system is too inflexible, and once a card is cancelled, it is kaput. I feel that as it is MY money loaded (not credit), and the error was theirs, at the very least I should have been contacted.

Luckily I had just enough cash on me to cover what I needed to get on Monday (I had left my wallet at home), but I would have been stuffed big time if I had been caught interstate (or overseas) and without another credit card on hand, and away for my postal address.

The call centre women that I spoke with were lovely, and they took notes of my 'feedback' about the flaws in the system as I had experienced them.

Wouldn't it be lovely if someone decided escalate the issue and to overnight me my new card rather than me having to wait the advertised 10-14 days (plus Easter/Covid delays?) for the replacement to arrive? I am not holding my breath.

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