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Prior to COVID I used to purchase an annual family travel insurance policy which covered both domestic & international travel

back in the air for regular domestic trips and looking wistfully towards travel OS next year and have even booked a trip for 2023.

Anyone have any recommendations for an annual policy?

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Annual domestic travel policies are available for a much lower premium - ask your usual insurer. If you go to NZ then you are covered for medical by Australia's Medicare.


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Not that I am encouraging people to travel without medical insurance in NZ, but NZ's no fault ACC scheme covers *most* healthcare costs from an accident in NZ regardless of whether the person injured have health insurance (private or via reciprocal government arrangement or not).

The key here is it have to be an injury requiring medical attention and this injury can be attributed to an accident in NZ.

So if one gets a running fever or vomiting blood or sudden severe headache, all from no definable accident and needs to go to see a GP or hospital, ACC does not cover the medical costs.

And definitely read the fine print and social media comments and consumer group recommendations when shopping for travel or international medical insurance

I am heard of some international travel medical insurance whereby some fund will try to convince you to come home for treatment, and pay for medical retrieval and first class or business class seats, but once you leave the Australian airport customs, some will not want to know you as you are technically ‘home' and no longer travelling.

And just because you got a good deal and good service from one insurer previously doesn't mean the cover from the same insurer is the same the next time

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