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My husband was a life Qantas club member does anyone know a way I can transfer to myself he passed away last year during Covid


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Sorry to hear of your loss.

Unfortunately, if it's a personal lifetime membership it's not transferable.

Look at terms 5.7 and 5.8 in the Qantas Clubs T&C's:

“5.7 Membership will terminate automatically on the death of a Member. Qantas will terminate the Member's account on receipt of notification of the death of the Member.

5.8 Except as specified in these Terms and Conditions, membership is non-refundable and not transferable.”

However, if it's a corporate membership it can be transferred under certain clauses.

I would also strongly recommend that you transfer any points from your husbands frequent flyer account to your own prior to you notifying Qantas or else you could lose them.

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