LHR - SYD Flights: VTL or FEPO?

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I'm looking at booking a return flight from London next March and there are two flights showing, one is marked as a "VTL" flight and the other one is marked as a "FEPO" flight.

As I understand, at the present time there Australia is not included in Singapore's VTL option. The FEPO flight seems to be the one to book as it says "For Eligible Persons Only (FEPO) and to be eligible you must be an Australian Citizen or Resident.

The way I read things, I guess I should be booking the FEPO flight option. Does anyone have any additional info?

Also, does the Australian Travel Declaration app replace the former yellow arrival cards?


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Hi cssaus.
You are correct, that at this time, Australia is not included in Singapore's Vaccinated Travel Lane scheme. However, it is expected to commence towards the end of November. As travel is not until March next year, I can't provide any reliable advice on the best option at this time.

As for the Australian Travel Declaration. This is a new requirement introduced by the Dept of Home Affairs. It allows the government to confirm the vaccination status of those vaccinated overseas, prior to their arrival. It will also assist with booking a place in a quarantine hotel for those who require it. It does not replace the yellow arrival cards, which will still be distributed onboard. Those yellow cards are due to be replaced with the Digital Passenger Card, but that won't be implemented until March 2022.


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