How do you research your trip?

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Curious to know how everyone goes about it and maybe pick up a few tips as it can be a long process if it’s not a major city destination... as in finding now.

I need to go to Kentucky next year so started researching flights. I start at Webjet to see all airlines and the key entry points. From there I might look at Qantas via LA, Dallas, San Fran (pre Covid) or Air NZ via Auckland & Houston? Lots of web browsing!!

Please share your wisdom and tips how you go about it


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Google flights it's great, pulls up a matrix with prices and can search multiple destinstions at once. Good filters too.


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I think it is best to start with a search of the destination airport on Wikipedia and see which airlines serve the destination airport Then one can work backwards from there . The Wikipedia site shows where they go and come from .


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A good question, how do we research flights? If there are a lot of options, maybe a destination I'm not familiar with or which has no direct flights. Google Flights really helps to get your head around the options. Then I'd consider which airline gives me loyalty benefits, which has the better business class and of course connections too.

For example I would definitely do OneWorld to get to the USA, so for me that would be Qantas out of Sydney to LAX or DFW, or CX if I was still in Hong Kong. I could also consider American Airlines if that made it easier for my connection from LAX through to Kentucky, as I could go AA all the way.

But if I had the opportunity to try a different airline and the price was in its favour, JetBlue Mint business class could be a good example, then I'd certainly consider that.



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the only truly effective was to do this now is via a professional Travel Agent . With the constant changes to border arrivals , flights , PCR testing and general updates , the only people fully around this are Travel Agents . There is no online service or system that can update you as efficiently or effectively as a travel agent - especially in some cases daily changes . We are seeing more and more clients being referred to my agency , who would normally book online . I am seeing 95% of new clients simply can't follow or keep up with the constant rules and regulations changes. Just remember .... Without a Travel Agent - you're on your own .

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