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  • Queensland is it safe ?

    Mar 15, 2021, 10:19 PM

    It is now March and the Premier still has not answered , nor has the QLD tourist office and my mind goes to the news of a mother losing a child because of her unrevoked policy .

  • Queensland is it safe ?

    Feb 19, 2021, 04:47 PM

    I am still awaiting a reply from the Premier and the Queensland Tourist Commission.. The failure to reply with an answer surely means that the advertising is misleading and deceptive perhaps the ACCC should be looking at it for this reason .

  • It is obvious Qantas does not monitor this website and comments . Not surprising as the Chairman of the Board ignores all correspondence addressed to him

  • Queensland is it safe ?

    Nov 30, 2020, 08:24 PM

    Originally Posted by XWu There is no way she can enforce this for anyone who emergency medical care, while most people who doesn’t need emergency care and can still fly home, would rather go home close to their family anyway.While some in Northern NSW do travel to large hospitals in Gold Co...

  • Queensland is it safe ?

    Nov 25, 2020, 03:40 PM

    The QLD premier has announced that QLD hospitals are only available to QLDers . So what happens to someone gets ill in Cairns they would apparently have to fly interstate to get hospitalisation ? I have noted that when she says QLD will be open she has deliberately refused to open this up .I thin...

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