DPD is a $75million disaster

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My recent experience was it refused to let me load my medical details . The design and information about is a disgrace to the Department & Accenture .Poorly explained, appalling designed , definitely not user friendly . It is an embarrassmentto Australia . Yet it does not cover the "yellow card. I think accenture should be directed to make a clear ,simple form that is intelligble


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What's DPD and how did it cost $75m?


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DPD replaces the ATD, of course! The Digital Passenger Declaration is "supposed" to replace ye olde paper-based Australian Travel Declaration, AKA incoming passenger card.

As for the 75 million-dollar question, see: Federal Government.


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Yes, Google is wonderful. But a little more clarity instead of an acronym would have been nice and time-saving........


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Originally Posted by sunnybrae

Yes, Google is wonderful. But a little more clarity instead of an acronym would have been nice and time-saving........

In the poster's defence, "Australia DPD" is the actual name of the app. One of the failures of the app is that you can't even find it on the App Store unless you use the acronym.


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Agreed with poor state of DPD. I only found this specific requirement when I double checked the Australian arrival requirements a few days before my return. No warning from the airline (QF) staff when checking in luggage for my outgoing flight and no specific mention in the itinerary (just the usual warnings on COVID travel requirements etc)

The airlines responsible for your incoming flights require you to complete the DPD and show evidence before letting you drop off your checked luggage, but on arrival the immigration officers and customs staff still deal only with paper and worse the DPD does not appear to deal with declarations of food/other item related to bio security control anyway so you end up filling in those yellow/orange forms even if you printed out the DPD so don't waste your time or money to print out the DPD in hotels overseas (the airlines just want to sight the DPD and accepts them on your personal devices like phones or tablet)

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