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I've been following advice on how to make a multi-flight booking for an around-the-world business class journey. I'm taking my wife and son. So far we're booked Tokyo-New York-Copenhagen, getting to the last on December 3rd.

I've been trying to get seats from EU down to Singapore. The Qantas site tells me there are flights available (using a single flight on the multi-flight booking tool) with 3 business class seats, but when I call to book them, the people that I'm talking to say that the seats aren't available. First I saw seats from LRH to Singapore on December 25 and was told they aren't there. Then I tried from Helsinki to Singapore on December 27 and was told they aren't there. I see them on the Qantas site. I see them on KVS tool. What can be done? Any opinions?


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I found it incredibly frustrating when I tried to book an award Business RTW itinerary on the Qantas site. Similar problem to yours SC, and other issues as well. It seems the only way to get a complete set of acceptable flights is to call Qantas, get an agent who "knows the ropes" and string it all together that way. Flights that were unavailable online became available on the phone. Opposite of your problem of course. Also I was able to avoid using China Eastern, which often popped up online as the only one available.

Also be aware, an open jaw in Europe (ie in CPH out from say LHR with ground transport in between) will still count as a flight sector and that could be affecting your online efforts. Another stumbling block is the mileage limit. There are calculators online where you check your sector distances (yes, an open jaw counts here too) and see the grand total. Some lateral thinking may be needed to get in under the limit. I had to make a separate booking JFK-DFW-JFK that did not show on my RTW to LHR so I could avoid the miles taken up for JFK-DFW-LHR which was my preferred route to include a visit to Texas. Even a few miles over will stuff up the best laid plans...


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British airways BA15 is a phantom award at the moment as well

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