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Hi all... I'm flying out of MEL on Sunday at 10.35am with SQ in business and trying to confirm if there is a lounge I can access.

The MEL website says the Silver Kris lounge is still closed but SQ website says it's open for the afternoon and evening flights. Conversely MEL website says the Air NZ lounge is open however Air NZ website says their lounge is still closed.

Wondering if someone has flown on a morning Star Alliance flight recently and can advise if there is a lounge option?


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I would be interested in knowing about MEL lounge access too, however for EK409 at 10:30pm on the 24th of February.

It looks like my only option will be the Marhaba Lounge, can anyone confirm this? Quite disappointing when flying EK first :(

Does anyone expect Qantas to expand their lounge offering at MEL to coincide with the opening to tourists from the 21st?


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Looks like Melbourne lounge is open



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Good news about the Melbourne lounge being open.

Anyone have an update on the following?


We are scheduled to transit through Changi with Singapore airlines early March, we are fully vaccinated UK passengers flying on a VTL flight.

Can anyone advise if we still need to undertake a pre-departure PCR test, and are they still placing business class passengers in the holding pen which was absolutely diabolical on the way out in December when we were held there for nearly 5 hours?

The ridiculous thing was after being held on three open for that time period, we were then ushered into the concourse to make our own way through the airport to meet our connecting flight which was in a hub with around 6-8 other adjoining flights!

Absolutely scandalous way to treat business class passengers, who in this instance had paid in excess of £6k each for the privilege.

John MacDonald
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JohnMacDonald, the requirements for transiting Singapore include:

You must have either a PCR test or professional supervised RAT within 2 days before departure for SIN, your ticket must be a single ticket through SIN, and your checked luggage must be tagged through to your destination.


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As of today (Feb 18), the holding pen in SIN is still operational.

It's amusing to read people's reactions to being in the holding pen -- everything from outrage to acceptance. My experience was that it wasn't too bad, but I must admit that I used points for my business class flight and perhaps my outlook would have been different if I'd had to pay for the privilege!

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