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I'm QF Platinum. My flights from the pandemic were kept as QF Credits, and they have been transferred to Qantas Pass via Qantas Business Rewards. However, when you have to rebook, it requires Qantas Pass login credentials entered, which was never sent to me. I have called the call centre twice, and both times, they were going to send it to me within 48hrs. 3 weeks later, i still have not received it. Do i have any other option to get this info?


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When they converted it to a Travel Pass they would have sent you an email with a card number, expiry and password. If you didn’t get that email you should check your Spam/Junk Email, though if it’s been a while messages in there may have already been deleted by now.


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Hi mspcooper,

How frustrating for you.

I was able to have my travel passes re-sent while I was on the phone, so you have been very unlucky. I could confirm that they landed in my email box before we hung up the call.

Alternatively, could the email address for your Qantas Business Rewards be different to your personal one? (I don't have a business, so this doesn't apply to me.) I recall that the travel passes are sent to the email of the person who booked the flight, so this may be the hiccup if you used a default business email address.

Good luck.


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I had same experience described here. Got fobbed off with the same 48 hour reply which never eventuated. Wasted nearly 5 hours of my time on hold with the call centre between 2 calls to them.

The solution for me was to eventually get through to the QFF call centre human and tell them you're not hanging up until you have the "magic numbers" and have logged in using them. Once you have the number, you'll have to set a password for the account at the "Forgot/create password" page which is here and then login to confirm all works.

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Further tips when you try to use Qantas Pass:

1. You can't add travel insurance to your booking if you want to use all or part QantasPass payment. It is only when you go to pay that they tell you this.

2. You can't add carbon offset to your booking if you want to use all or part QantasPass payment. It is only when you go to pay that they tell you this.

I tried both of the above and then had to remove them from the booking in order to use my QantasPass. Since the QantasPass value was less than the new booking, I had to provide credit card details for the residual. At this point, no matter what I did, the web page continually rejected the payment, saying that Credit Card Detail Must Be Provided. I checked the details and retried 3 times - no joy.

Tried closing the browser down & booking via a different browser (no residual browser cache) but the seats I want to book are gone - still allocated to the previous incomplete booking. Finally the incomplete booking appear as "unpaid" under my QFF account with the option to pay before midnight, but here's the kicker - this payment screen does not allow you to use your Qantas Pass credit. Nor can I cancel this booking to release the seats and try again. And I'm trying to get this in place before the double status offer expires at midnight.

In the end I had to spend 90 minutes on hold on 131313 and the guy there helpfully sorted it out and I got my tickets booked in time.

Was looking forward to the opportunity of giving feedback to Qantas at the end of the call, but the questions were assessing how well the Qantas staff addressed why I called. Of course my answers had to be positive, so as not to reflect badly on the guy who really did help. There was no question about "wait times" and availability of staff. Forums like this appear to be the only avenue for providing feedback, but who knows if Qantas are listening.

@DavidFlynn, it would be GREAT if you could raise these questions with Qantas: What is the REAL cause of the extreme wait times on 131313 AND when is it going to be fixed?

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Hi dwrj,

Glad you finally got it sorted in time, if only after a lot of frustration and listening to the less than fabulous hold music. At least they have cut down the number of repetitive voice interruptions. And thanks to the speaker phone I could do other things during MY 2 hours on hold.

I was also part of the last minute flurry yesterday and my booking too failed at the pay stage.

I found that the trick with the Qantas/Travel passes is that if you cut and paste (as I do because I am a bit dyslexic) that when I accidentally copy a space at the end of the numbers or password, and paste it into the field, it comes back as invalid when to all intents it looks fine.

When I got chucked out, I logged back in and found my incomplete booking in my cart. I wasn't sure why the fail, so under time pressure decided to just pay the refundable $25 holding guarantee - after a quick check that the DCS's (or bonus points) would still apply if the payment date was after the April 1 23:59 cutoff.

I freaked out when I found a Qantas email saying they were holding my booking only until midnight, but realised that it had been generated by the payment fail with a temp booking reference number assigned, and was relieved when I logged back in again, and confirmed that my 'holding' booking was there and the temp booking had disappeared. I was happy to discover in the screed of info that the seats I selected during the initial booking remain attached to my as long as I pay up before the due date (April 14 - which is more than generous I thought).

And you may not like to hear this, but I understand the problem of staffing call centres during these promotion periods that leads to extended wait times. It takes even the most experienced customer rep time to sort out the problems that we phone in with. If you get temp staff in during these peak times, they may not have the experience and accrued knowledge to help and will end up calling on to a supervisor - and the call blows out even more with the double handling. If you employ enough full time staff to cover these peak periods year round, it is the price of the tickets that blow out.

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