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Has anyone heard anything recently about the long-delayed Midfield Terminal? I'm not asking about a specific opening date - that's been pushed back almost as often as Berlin's airport! I'm asking about whether progress has been made by the new contractor? Ever since the original contractor was terminated in mid 2021 there seems to have been a total news freeze for the past 9 months. Makes you wonder how badly off-track this project is.


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I don't think there is an opening date yet (bear in mind it was reported to be 97% complete in 2019). We came through AUH on Etihad earlier in the year at the covid peak and was an awful experience. Inbound late, bus for business class pax dropped us at extreme end of terminal 1 and then had to make a 15min dash to Gate 35 at other end of T3 where almost entire 787 load held for 20 mins in a packed jetty. Rather made a mockery of Etihad's covid precautions - ironically the 787 had the slogan "Choose Singapore" plastered on the fuselage - well, yes, I will!

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