DSC 2022 with Qantas Domestic Partner Airlines (Alliance Etc)

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Likely a dumb question but there seems to be significant conversation around eligible flights.

Does it seem like Qantas partners like Alliance Airlines, Qantas Link - National Jet Systems, Qantas Link - Eastern Australia etc. are covered? The terms don't appear to expressly cover the question but I'd assume so since many domestic locations have to use one of these groups for initial flights to major hubs.


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QANTAS Link is considered QANTAS operated for these promos. Not sure about the other ones you mentioned.


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With the exception of Alliance Airlines (Alliance is only partially owned by QF - under 20%), the other companies operating under the QantasLink banner (National Jet, Eastern Australia, Network, etc) are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Qantas Group.


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The terms state: Australian domestic and International Qantas operated flights with a ‘QF’ flight number booked between 25 March and 1 April 2022.

So I would assume an Alliance Airlines flight displaying a QF flight number would be fine?


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Alliance is flying some aircraft in Qantas livery. I’d be very surprised for it not qualify for DSC.

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